Short-term and long-term operational goals and objectives

Our short-term operational goal is to raise sufficient funds to continue our photographic inventory, research and scholarship during the next year and to continue our Public Outreach Program.

Our long-term operational goal is to raise funds to hire additional field staff to explore the remaining, large-tracts of remote canyons in Utah, western Colorado, and northern Arizona to discover the remaining Barrier Canyon style rock art sites. This is estimated to be a three-year project and will be the final phase of the fieldwork photography.

Following this final phase of photography, we intend to mount a large exhibition and symposium which we will propose for the National Museum of American Indian in Washington, D.C. and travel to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah and other venues in Utah and the West. Will propose a publication that includes our documentation, interpretation and discussion of the Barrier Canyon style rock art, Utah’s premier indigenous cultural art form.

Present and future goals and activities

We are working toward the realization of a complete record (archival large format photographs, inventory, description, and analysis) of Utah’s premiere indigenous art form—the Barrier Canyon rock art style. Marriott Library, University of Utah. The complete Digital record of the will be available to other locations, such as academic institutions, museums, and libraries.

We have an ongoing traveling exhibition, Ancient Painters Of The Colorado Plateau, with the Utah Arts Council. This is the fourth version of BCS PROJECT photographs and wall text, which stretches back to 1992.